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  • Drama: Chimera (키마이라)
  • Network: OCN
  • Episodes:
  • Air Date: October 30, 2021–
  • Air Time: Saturday & Sunday 22:30
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‘Chimera’ is a homicide detective ‘Jae-hwan’ (Park Hae-soo), profiler ‘Eu-jin’ (Soo-hyeon), and surgeon ‘Jung-yeop’ (Lee Hee-joon) for different purposes. It is a chase thriller chasing after a strong story, sensuous directing, and a great performance of luxury actors.

The following are three observation points from ‘Chimera’ director Kim Do-hoon and lead actors Park Hae-soo, Su-hyeon, and Lee Hee-jun.

1. Differentiated material

‘Chimera’ differs from existing crime films in that it deals with ‘chemical crimes’. Various forms of chemical crime and profiling techniques that have never been seen before can be seen in the work. Various cases appear, such as analyzing a suspect’s personality through attire, identifying the scene of an accident, and determining the authenticity by analyzing the sentence of a will.

Director Kim Do-hoon said, “When filming an explosion scene, we put safety first and prepared carefully and meticulously. Chimera’s unique charm,” he said.

2. Relationships between characters that go back and forth between cooperation and conflict

Park Hae-soo and Lee Hee-jun aroused curiosity by revealing, “People with different goals will be able to feel the tension through their close cooperation, suspicion, and conflict as they pursue the true culprit, incident, and truth of ‘Chimera’.”

Suhyeon then said, “Each character such as Cha Jae-hwan, Eugene, and Lee Jung-yeop has a reversal charm, and it is fun to see the strong chemistry that sparks a spark when the characters meet,” raising curiosity about the characters’ activities and synergy.

3. Repeated reversals, who is ‘Chimera’?

As for the identity of the key point of the drama, ‘Chimera’, the actors agreed, “We filmed without knowing who the real culprit was until the second half of the filming period. As the story progresses, everyone will look like the culprit, but viewers will be able to immerse themselves in it while maintaining the tension until the end.”

Lastly, director Kim Do-hoon said, “‘The Chimera’ is a drama that depicts how people who have no choice but to bear the tragedy of a painful past endure their fate.” Please watch over how he overcomes the tragedy of the past, and we ask for your interest and love.”


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  2. Park Hae-soo, Soo-hyeon, Lee Hee-jun OCN ‘Chimera’ premieres on October 30th.
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