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  • Movie: Humming (허밍)/ A Lovers Concerto
  • Release Date: March 13, 2008
  • Air Time: 96 minutes


Humming is a romance drama about a woman who became a vegetable man in an unexpected accident ahead of the day to commemorate the 2000th day they met, and a man who loves that woman.

Han Ji-hye, the female lead, confided, “I like tingling love” in relation to the movie’s message, ‘Love’.

“If it’s a familiar love that always looks at me like in the movie, life will be rich, but that kind of love doesn’t suit me because it can make you feel complacent,” he confessed.

Han Ji-hye said, “In the movie, I have a strong feeling of neglecting the love I’m used to. It seems that when you love actively, you will have many memories and your life will be enriched. In the future, I will actively bump into each other and love each other.”

Lee Chun-hee and Han Ji-Hye expressed their closeness, saying, “We talked a lot because we had a lot of time together.”

This is Han Ji-hye’s third film. “Rather than having a vague idea of ​​becoming an actress, I want to become a wonderful woman and a good person. If I do that, I think I will become a good actor.”

Lee Chun-hee, citing Hwang Jung-min (38)’s famous acceptance speech, ‘The Table Theory’, said, “I only ate the table that was prepared,” causing laughter.

“Honestly, I worried a lot before filming. I also realized that I lacked my skills as an actor. I just followed Han Ji-hye’s acting.”

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