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  • Drama: Jirisan (지리산)/ Jiri Mountain
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 16
  • Air Date: October 23, 2021–
  • Air Time: Sat. & Sun. 21:00
  • Official Website


Jirisan is a collaboration between Kim Eun-hee, writer of the Netflix series ‘Kingdom‘, which gained worldwide popularity, and Lee Eung-bok, who directed Goblin and Mr. Sunshine.

‘Jirisan’ is a mystery drama depicting the story of Seo Yi-gang (Jeon Ji-hyeon), the best ranger in the Jirisan National Park, and Kang Hyeon-jo (Ju Ji-hoon), a new ranger with an unspeakable secret, digging into a mysterious accident that takes place in the mountain.

Sancheong’s major tourist attractions and natural scenery, such as Sancheong Hwangmaesan Mountain overlooking Cheonwangbong Peak of Jirisan Mountain, Deoksansa Temple, which has recently regained its original name, Donguibogamchon Gwigamseok Stone, which is a rock that grants wishes, and Namsayedamchon, the most beautiful village in Korea. It filmed in the background.

A military official said on the 21st, “Through this drama with the best production crew and actors in Korea, we expect that Sancheong-gun, the home of Jiri Mountain and Cheonwangbong, the first national park, will be widely known not only in Korea but also abroad.”


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