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Moby Dick

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  • Movie: Moby Dick (모비딕)
  • Release Date: June 9, 2011
  • Air Time: 112 minutes


Moby Dick is Korea’s first conspiracy theory movie about the breathtaking battle for truth between a dark shadow manipulating a case, a whistleblower who risked his life and run away, and a passionate reporter digging up the truth.

‘Lee Bang-woo’, played by Hwang Jung-min in ‘Moby Dick’, is a hot-blooded, hard-nosed reporter who does not hesitate to reveal the truth. It is said that before filming, Hwang Jung-min personally interviewed reporters from various newspapers before filming to show a real reporter, as well as interviewing with an incumbent reporter to create a character. In addition, he focused on his transformation as a social media reporter with a more slender body than before, trench coats, suits, and other reporter-feeling outfits.

Sometimes he secretly pulls out the police notebook like a serpent, and even though he quarrels with his juniors, his eyes shine sharply when he solves the clues of the case. In addition, Hwang Jung-min is said to have portrayed the image of him with a passion for conducting coverage even in extreme situations where a knife came into his thigh.

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