Moebius: The Veil (뫼비우스 : 검은 태양) torrent

Moebius: The Veil

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  • Drama: Moebius: The Veil (뫼비우스 : 검은 태양)
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 2
  • Air Date: October 29-30, 2021
  • Air Time: Friday & Saturday 22:00
  • Official Website


‘Moebius: The Veil’, which will be broadcast on the 29th, deals with the past of the characters based on the worldview of ‘The Veil‘. The story is centered on Namgoong-min (Han Ji-hyuk), who is looking for a traitor in the organization and memories that disappeared a year ago, and it is expected to unfold as an exciting story of NIS agents that is different from ‘The Veil’. In particular, surprising events from four years ago from the main story are revealed, centering on Seo Su-yeon (Park Ha-sun), Jang Cheon-woo (Jung Moon-sung), and Do Jin-sook (Jang Young-nam).

In the main story of Seo Su-yeon and Jang Chun-woo, who have a special friendship, Seo Su-yeon and Jang Chun-woo were caught up in a scheme of the executive committee and unfortunately lost their lives. It was revealed that the two were not just colleagues, but rather a relationship with a special memory for each other, which also aroused curiosity. Four years ago, Seo Su-yeon was an agent belonging to the overseas intelligence agency support management team, and Jang Chun-woo was a black agent managed by Seo Su-yeon (an agent who hides his identity and conducts spying activities) and the process of forming a relationship is depicted.


  1. Moebius: The Veil will be followed by The Red Sleeve.
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