Nevertheless (알고있지만)


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  • Drama: Nevertheless (알고있지만)
  • Network: JTBC
  • Episodes: 10
  • Air Date: June 19 – August 21, 2021
  • Air Time: Saturday 23:00
  • Official Website


Nevertheless is based on the popular Naver webtoon of the same name, ‘I Know‘ is a work depicting the hyperreal romance of Yoo Na-Bi (Han So-hee), a woman who wants to be in love even if she doesn’t believe in love, and Park Jae-Eon (Song Kang), a man who wants to ride a thumb even if dating is annoying.

Overly sweet and dizzyingly sexy, the youthful real love story of young people who want to fall in love even though they know they are bad, brings excitement and sympathy like never before. Above all, the meeting between Song Kang and Han So-hee, the trending young actors, is a hot topic even before the airing, amplifying the expectations of drama fans.

The highlight video released on this day draws attention by capturing the suffocatingly hot and tearfully cold reality of youthful love. The futility of the first love is short-lived, and Park Jae-eon appears like fate in front of Yuna-bi.

The meeting that was thought to be a coincidence continues as if it was fate, and despite the stories around, “Park Jae-eon, I have no intention of dating. It’s just fun to have a woman who is tangled up with you, that’s all.” flap your wings Secret glances that seem to be shown only to you, and expressions and tones that only make you feel special. All of these things push Yunabi into Park Jae-eon’s orbit.

The illusion is shattered in an instant. The butterfly painting that Park Jae-eon drew for Yuna-bi was also on another woman’s wrist, and his ex-girlfriend Yun Seol-ah (Lee Yeol-eum) also appeared. Park Jae-eon knows that he is not the only person falling into the trap, but Yuna-bi can’t hide her frantic attraction.

Neither the existence of Yang Hyuk (played by Chae Jong-hyeop), who calls himself his first love, nor the confession of a junior full of freshness can move his heart as much as Park Jae-eon. In the end, chance becomes fate and fate becomes a game. Park Jae-eon and Yuna-bi, who are not dating, have become a ‘cannot tell anyone’ relationship. When the sweet nights on the bed pass and the light shines, it stimulates curiosity about what the morning waiting for them will look like.


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  2. Based on webtoon here.

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