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One Ordinary Day

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  • Drama: One Ordinary Day (어느날)
  • Network: Coupang Play
  • Episodes: 8
  • Air Date: November 27, 2021 —
  • Air Time: 12:00 AM every Saturday and Sunday


Director Lee Myung-woo, who is scheduled to complete the judicial system drama trilogy following ‘Punch‘ and ‘Whisper‘ through ‘One Ordinary Day ‘, said on this day, “Sometimes in life, you have to stand in front of the judicial system. I wanted to tell the justice of the judicial system through the story of a person who is ignorant of the law and cannot use a good lawyer.

He continued, “The original was interesting, so I watched it without realizing the passage of time. But it left a lasting impression for a few days. I wanted to make a drama like that, and when I was given the opportunity to make a remake, the judicial system was completely different, so I finished it by talking a lot.”

Regarding the casting of actors Kim Soo-hyeon, Cha Seung-won, and Kim Seong-gyu, he said, “I’ve been working with the actors I’ve been dreaming of since the day I envisioned it. If you are a Korean director, you will want to work with these actors. I was lucky.” “It will contain the suction power of a great actor named Kim Soo-hyun. And Cha Seung-won is the only one who learns regardless of genre, and plays the role of adjusting the grade in ‘One Ordinary Day ‘. It was actor Kim Seong-gyu who focused on this combination. I was worried that I would only be seen as a ‘too strong villain’, but I was able to create a new character through dialogue.”


  1. Cha Seung-won and Kim Soo-hyun, intense aura…’First teaser video.’
  2. First script reading scene for ‘One Ordinary Day’ by Kim Soo-hyun and Cha Seung-won.
  3. Kim Soo-hyun transformed into a college student… Bushy hair ‘eyes’.
  4. Cha Seung-won, a fashionista right? Long hair + beard and twisted clothes.

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