One the Woman

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  • Drama: One the Woman (원 더 우먼)
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes:
  • Air Date: September 2021 —
  • Air Time: Friday & Saturday 22:00-23:10
  • Official Website


One the Woman is about to change her life unexpectedly with the daughter-in-law of a conglomerate who looks just like her due to memory loss. It is a comic drama about the story of a female prosecutor who is a bad sponsor, a corrupt prosecutor, and finds memories.

In this regard, actors Lee Ha-nee, Lee Sang-yoon, Jin Seo-yeon, and Lee Won-geun will bring you thrilling catharsis with a lively comedy, ‘One.The.Full. It is foretelling a strong chemistry while building the ‘line-up’.

First of all, Lee Ha-Nee is expected to lead the play with the title role of the drama by challenging two roles as Jo Yeon-joo, a corrupt sponsor, a corrupt female prosecutor and Kang Mi-na, the daughter-in-law of a chaebol. In particular, as it is a story that depicts a mischievous idol whose life is suddenly changed with Kang Mi-na, who has a similar appearance as a supporting actress who suffers from amnesia, Lee Ha-nui is the first since her debut to play two roles, acting as a supporting actress and Kang Mi-na, exuding opposite charms. It provides fun and tension at the same time.

Lee Sang-yoon plays the role of Han Seung-wook, a third-generation chaebol who retains the sincerity of his first love. A character who gets entangled with Jo Yeon-joo, who suffers from amnesia in the play.

Jin Seo-yeon appears as Han Seong-hye, the eldest daughter of the Hanju Group and Kang Mi-na’s sister-in-law, who is always pushed out of the succession structure because she is a woman in the conservative chaebol world despite her outstanding abilities.

Lee Won-geun, who announced his return to ‘One the Woman’ after about three years after completing his mandatory police service in January, will appear as Jo Yeon-joo and Ahn Yu-jun, a classmate of the Judicial Research and Training Institute. Yoo-Jun Ahn is a person with a beautiful appearance, excellent brain, and a humble mind, enough to be selected as the No. Lee Won-geun, a charming mask with both youthful and masculine beauty at the same time, stimulates curiosity about what kind of image transformation will take place as Ahn Yoo-jun.


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