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Pride and Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice is a legal drama about team of young and passionate prosecutors who banded together to fight against injustice and oppression that befall weak and poor people. Besides face many hardships from higher authority, they also learn to cooperate and adjust with the clash of different personalities and backgrounds.

  • Drama: Pride and Prejudice
  • Revised romanization: Omangwa Pyeongyeon
  • Hangul: 오만과 편견
  • Director: Kim Jin-Min
  • Writer: Lee Hyun-Joo
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 21
  • Release Date: October 27, 2014 – January 13, 2015
  • Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 22:00


Five years ago, Yeol-Moo (Baek Jin-Hee) jumped in the car of Prosecutor Dong-Chi (Choi Jin-Hyuk). Dong-Chi fell in love with her at first sight. He asked her to meet him 10 times and then decide if she wants to continue their relationship. At the 10th meeting, Yeol-Moo found some crumpled up paper in his backpack and left without saying anything to Dong-Chi.

Now, Yeol-Moo begins work as a trainee prosecutor and meets Dong-Chi in front of his office. She is assigned to the team where Prosecutor Dong-Chi works. Yeol-Moo is very enthusiastic about her work. Dong-Chi, still holding feelings for her, tries to help her become the best prosecutor, but Yeol-Moo holds a secret.


  1. Pride and Prejudice Torrent Files takes over the MBC Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55 time slot previously occupied by “Diary Of A Night Watchman” and followed by “Shine or Go Crazy” on January 19, 2015.

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