'Search' Jang Dong-yoon

‘Search’ Jang Dong-yoon, ‘a work that created a sense of challenge’

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Actor Jang Dong-yoon shows off his acting transformation with OCN dramatic cinema ‘Search‘. He said it was “a work that created a sense of challenge,” and he directly conveyed his feelings and the process of his first step into the genre.

In the first broadcast of ‘Search‘, Jang Dong-yoon plays the role of Sergeant Yong Dong-jin, a specially hired military dog ​​chasing the traces of the enemy. “I took it. It’s my first time challenging, so I was excited. Most of all, he had a sense of challenge.” He said, “The interesting script was the most decisive.” I wanted to appear more because it is a genre that I cannot easily access.” “It was my dream not to be limited to the genre, but to play various roles. This is my first genre, but I hope that I can show off my charm as an actor different from what I have been doing so far.”

'Search' Jang Dong-yoon, 'a work that created a sense of challenge'

Through the images and videos released so far, Jang Dong-yoon showed a successful image transformation. In the tough and charismatic mercenary’s dignified figure, the ‘boy beauty’ that I’ve seen so far has disappeared. In particular, the ‘bulk-up’ appearance provoked a huge topic. All were the products of Jang Dong-yoon’s constant efforts. “The mercenary commander is a search team and a person with advanced physical ability. Because of that, I have increased my body through fitness and weight gain.”

Before filming, I went to the military dog ​​handling training camp almost every day. “The mission of the mercenary leader to track the target is the most crucial and necessary thing in the special lease. Jang Dong-yoon emphasized that the role and breathing of search dogs and military dogs was paramount. In fact, I went to the incident scene where I was asked to gain experience.” The chemistry of mercenaries and search dogs is one of the points to pay attention to in’Search’.

Jang Dong-yoon, who has both the appearance and basic skills of a mercenary commander through long preparations. When it comes to acting, it is said that a lot of actual experience is projected. “Because the consensus was formed because he has a lot of the appearance of a sergeant that I have seen and experienced.” In addition, he immersed himself in acting by adding the unique charm of the rebellious and tough mercenary commander. Of course, it was not easy to shoot with the heavy weight of rifles, military commanders, and helmets that I experienced again after the military discharge, but I completed the moment and moment of the mercenary commander with one passion for acting.

Jang Dong-yoon, who completed all the filming through pre-production said, “It was good that I was able to push forward the contents I had envisioned, that I was able to try various and novel shooting techniques, and that I was able to concentrate more with a long take when acting.” He said, “You will be able to lively experience genres that are not easy to meet in dramas.” He confidently planted expectations for the creation of a well-made genre. Not only that, but as the last point of kind spectating, “I am looking forward to the first broadcast because I have made the story rich by adding imagination to the element of the military, so even if you do not have military experience, you will be able to enjoy it sufficiently.” I hope that the viewers will be able to do it together,” he added.

On the other hand,’Search’ is a military thriller drama about the story of the elite search team, which was formed to uncover the secrets of the mysterious disappearance and murders that began in the DMZ. This is the fourth project of a dramatic cinema that combines the formats of a movie and a drama, and the film production team has worked together to foreshadow the birth of a well-made genre through the directing of the film day and the dense story of the drama. Director Lee Jung-woong of the movies’House over Time’ and’Scary Story’ was directed by writer Koo Mo and Myung-joo Ko, who were in charge of scripting and directing in many films.

It will be aired for the first time at 10:30 pm on Saturday, October 17, following ‘Missing: The Other Side‘.



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