SF8: Love Virtually 증강 콩깍지

SF8: Love Virtually

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SF8: Love Virtually is romantic comedy “Love Virtually” with Choi Siwon and Uee in the leading roles. The drama revolves around an app that allows two people to meet virtually with whatever appearance they want, and asks whether that type of virtual relationship is able to translate to a lasting relationship when the two people meet up in person.

  • TV Movie: SF8: Love Virtually (English title) / SF8: Augmented Bean Pod (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Jeunggang Kongkakji
  • Hangul: 증강 콩깍지
  • Director: Oh Ki-Hwan
  • Writer: Oh Ki-Hwan
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 1
  • Release Date: September 25, 2020
  • Runtime: Friday 22:10
  • Official Website


“SF8” is set to be an original sci-fi anthology series that covers many different topics from artificial intelligence to virtual reality, from robots to superpowers, and more. Eight directors will be leading different 40-minute projects.


  1. SF8: Love Virtually Torrent Files have 8 film directors participated in “SF8,” with each person directing a 1 episode TV special. The genre of the specials deals with science fiction, including AI, AR (augmented reality), VR, and robot games.
  2. SF8:
    1. SF8: The Prayer | Ganhojoong (MBC / 2020)
    2. SF8: Manxin (MBC / 2020)
    3. SF8: Joan’s Galaxy | Woojooin Joan (MBC / 2020)
    4. SF8: Blink (MBC / 2020)
    5. SF8: Baby It’s Over Outside | Iljooil Mane Saranghal Soon Eodda (MBC / 2020)
    6. SF8: White Crow | Hayan Ggamagwi (MBC / 2020)
    7. SF8: Love Virtually | Jeunggang Kongkakji (MBC / 2020)
    8. SF8: Empty Body | Ingan Jeungmyung (MBC / 2020)

SF8: Love Virtually Torrent Files


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