Shooting Stars is a romantic comedy full of romance. It contains the real story of people who shed blood, sweat and tears to make them shine behind the stars like the stars in the sky.

Lee Sung-kyung takes on the role of Oh Han-byeol, the manager of the public relations team. She is a person with extraordinary eloquence and excellent crisis response ability. With her excellent hooking ability, she is active in various fields such as public relations, crisis response, and communication, and dominates her industry.

Kim Young-dae takes on the role of Gong Tae-seong, a star who fights with Oh Han-byeol, the head of the PR team. Hhe is a top star character who is loved by the public for his bright smile like an angel and a polite and upright image that seems to live without law. At the same time, the incarnation of Wook, who is full of fighting spirit, is located behind the scenes, showing off his reversal charm.

From the nerve-wracking battle between Oh Han-byul, the all-round public relations team leader, and Gong Tae-seong, the perfect top star, to how they collaborate and grow together, their story is planned to be romantic and comical.

Summary Shooting Stars Episode 1

The tvN Friday-Saturday drama ‘Shooting Star’, aired on the 22nd, was centered on Oh Han-byeol (Lee Sung-kyung), the head of the public relations team of Star Force Entertainment, the best management company in Korea.

First, the unfiltered daily life of the ‘management PR team leader’, a job that is somewhat unfamiliar to the public, was revealed, but when a bad article came out about an artist in the agency, Han byul, who reached the level of perfection, did everything possible to take the article down. The look drew attention. Above all, on this day, Hanbyul caused a salty smell with the shooting star’s current address, who could not even start her own relationship because she was taking care of other people’s love affairs.

During a blind date with a handsome man (Park Jung-min), which had been held for a long time, rumors of an actor’s dating broke out, so she had to put down her steak knife and got up in a hurry. Even a short conversation with a blind date was a bittersweet situation in which non-celebrities became a kind of Q&A time to quench the curiosity of non-celebrities in the entertainment industry.

On the other hand, from the first broadcast, an unusual love line between Hanbyul and Taeseong was also detected, raising interest. It depicts Hanbyeol who continues to care even though she says she hates Taeseong with her mouth, affectionate Taesung helping Hanbyul who was pushed by fans at the airport, and Taeseong who seems to miss Hanbyul in Africa. Moreover, a photo of a couple taken with Tae-seong was found at Hanbyul’s house, and the fact that the two were college alumni was also revealed, raising the question of what had happened in the past.

In addition, at the end of the drama, Taeseong, who suddenly returned to Korea, appears in front of Hanbyul, who is working, and gives an unexpected whisper to the end of the play, making the hearts of viewers pounding and raising expectations for the romance they will create in the future.

As such, in the first broadcast of ‘Shooting Star’, the life of the shooting stars, who shed blood, sweat and tears while caring for the stars, was presented in a realistic and humorous way, providing a different kind of fun. Here, the cute visuals realized by director Lee Soo-hyun raised the affinity for the other world in ‘Shooting Star’.

Summary Drama Shooting Stars Episode 1

Summary Shooting Stars Episode 2

On this day, Oh Han-byul pointed out the mistake of the youngest member of the PR team and got angry. Gong Tae-seong, who was watching this, tried to expose Oh Han-byul’s mistakes in the past in front of the PR team members.

Oh Han-byul led her to the rooftop. Gong Tae-seong said, “Why do you look shy in front of your team members?”

Oh Han-byul said, “I apologized a thousand times and it’s been over 6 years.”

Gong Tae-seong said, “It’s been 6 years, 60 years, and even after 600 years, there are scars that don’t heal. I still have trouble sleeping at night because of that.”

Oh Han byul said, “Then I’ll apologize. Six years ago, I was very sorry.” In the past, Oh Han-byeol made a typo in the press release of Gong Tae-seong when he was a new employee, saying ‘Goja’.

Summary Shooting Stars Episode 2

Summary Shooting Stars Episode 3

Summary Shooting Stars Episode 3

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