Chae Jong-Hyeop

Nevertheless (알고있지만)


Drama: Nevertheless (알고있지만) Network: JTBC Episodes: 10 Air Date: June 19 – August 21, 2021 Air Time: Saturday 23:00 Official Website Summary Nevertheless is based on the popular Naver webtoon of the same name, ‘I Know‘ is a work depicting the hyperreal romance of Yoo Na-Bi (Han So-hee), a woman who wants to be in love even …

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The Witch's Diner (마녀식당으로 오세요)

The Witch’s Diner

Drama: The Witch’s Diner (마녀식당으로 오세요) Network: TVING Episodes: 8 Air Date: July 16 – August 6, 2021 Air Time: Friday 16:00 Summary The Witch’s Diner is made by the witch Hee-ra (Song Ji-hyo), business partner Jin (Nam Ji-hyun), and part-timer Gil-yong (Chae Jong-hyeop) with guests full of stories at the witch restaurant selling wishes with …

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