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  • Drama: Tracer (트레이서)
  • Network: Wavve, MBC
  • Episodes: 
  • Air Date: January 7, 2022 —
  • Air Time: Friday & Saturday 22:00
  • Official Website


‘Tracer’ is an exhilarating chase action drama depicting the indefatigable activity of a venomous man who rolls into the 5 tax bureaus called the ‘garbage dump’, a place that is scarier than a judge for some people.

The first anticipation point of ‘Tracer’, which will open the door to the new year, is the unique fun provided by fresh materials set in the background of the National Tax Service. Filled with exciting episodes such as the use of taxes and slush funds from large corporations, ‘Tracer’ is expected to unfold unpredictable developments every single episode by digging into all kinds of corruption about money, the greatest concern of modern people.

In particular, along with the flow of the play that escapes the typical of the National Tax Service, the tense tension between those who chase bad money and those who try to hide bad money will captivate viewers by adding to the fun.

Hwang Dong-joo (Im Si-wan), a team leader who quits a successful accountant and rolls into the 5 tax bureaus, exudes irresistible cider charm by uncovering corruption in his own way without noticing others.

Investigator Seo Hye-yeong (Go Ah-seong), a confident investigator who can’t stand anything unfair, foretells extraordinary achievements with her excellent intuition and quick action, while ‘Oh-yeong’ (Park Yong-woo), a former ace of the tax office, is a realistic office worker whose job is not to work. It will elicit deep sympathy in the form of In addition to this, the heavy charisma of In Tae-jun (Son Hyun-joo), the head of the central regional tax office who dreams of becoming the number one in the National Tax Service, will be added to complete the strong synergy of the colorful characters.


  1. Tracer will replace The Red Sleeve.

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