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Warriors Of The Dawn

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  • Movie: Warriors Of The Dawn (대립군)
  • Release Date: May 31, 2017
  • Air Time: 130 minutes


Warriors Of The Dawn movie unfolds as a kind of road movie and adventure story in which Gwanghaegun’s subordinate group and the opposing army, who have become crown princes (Yeo Jin-Goo), go all the way to Ganggye, escaping the assassins attack and pursuing Japanese troops to assassinate Gwanghaegun. The familiar grammar of road movies is that the protagonist grows into a more mature person mentally while experiencing various experiences during the journey.

Gwanghaegun originally had no intention of becoming a crown prince, but he was appointed crown prince by his father, and he was forced to lead the division. In this way, the situation of the crown prince who takes the place of the king becomes similar to that of the opposition army who takes the place of military service. In other words, the army of the opposing army means the army and the king at the same time.

In ‘The Opposition Army’, a character named Tou (Lee Jung-jae), the leader of the opposition army, appears as a guardian and mentor, and awakens Gwanghae-gun by telling the story of how they became the opposition army and the physiology of the battlefield. However, the story of the movie did not converge with the stories of Gwanghae-gun and Tou. So, while the story of Gwanghae’s growth was highlighted, the grassroots, which became the antagonistic army, were not properly dealt with.

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